[PD] how to make a proportional canon

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> Hallo,
> Libero Mureddu hat gesagt: // Libero Mureddu wrote:
> > Hi, here is a working example of the proportional canon patch.  Now
> > I have the following question: if I want to make this patch an
> > abstraction, and use more instances of it, how to avoid duplications
> > of the same "send", coll, etc?
> >
> > I read the subpatch tutorial, but the mechanism is not really clear.
> I don't know which tutorial you mean, but: subpatches are something
> completely different from abstractions, so a subpatch tutorial won't
> help you.

it is in Pd documentation browser -  2.control examples -
It´s the documentation, not a tutorial, sorry, I mismatched the words.

Thanks a lot for your message, now the use of $0 is quite clear.



Subpatches are objects -- [pd] or [page] -- while abstractions are
> files: Abstractions have to be saved into their own file, then you can
> call them by their filename minus the .pd ending in another patch,
> also multiple times. When abstraction are used this way in another
> file, people often call various occurences of the same abstraction
> different "instances" of an abstraction.
> In each instance of an abstraction and actually in every seperate
> patch file that you have opened, the special variable "$0" gets a
> unique value. (Note that "$0" can only be used in object names, not in
> message boxes.)
> So to avoid duplicate names for s/r, you can use names with "$0" in
> your send/receive pairs:
> |
> [s $0-local]
> [r $0-local]
> |
> This in practice is (almost) as local as a direct connection.
> You can use the same approach for [table $0-local-array] or [catch~
> $0-left].  For last year's versions of Pd (i.e. prior to 0.40) you
> have to start your name with $0 for this to work, while current 0.4x
> versions of Pd also allow $0 inside a name like [r pd-$0-name].
> To get back to subpatches for a moment: $0 is only unique in whole
> patch *files* and in abstraction instances. If you use $0 in two
> subpatches, that live in the same file, they will have the *same*
> value for $0.  You cannot create a sender that is local only in a
> subpatch with $0.
> I don't know how [coll] deals with $0, I never use that object.
> Ciao
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