[PD] console focus after soundfiler load

Patrice Colet megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Sat Jul 14 04:53:52 CEST 2007

Thomas O Fredericks a écrit :
> The patch crashes my Pd. Tot (Toxy) has a tendency to do that :) Toxy
> sometimes clashes with Gem and cyclone (I do not remember the details,
> I just remember to stay away from it).
ah yeah, the pd-extended version of toxy (19th alpha) crashes pd indeed, 
the 15th from the developper site is clean, you just need to load 
[widget] before [tot] in your patch, by creating the first one before 
the second one.
Anyway, toxy is a hack and has an uncertain future, so it might be wiser
to develop widgets with the tkinter library that only requires the pyext 
external, and that doesn't use _widgetbehavior for a compatibility with 

> The pdmtl abstractions have multiple browser options. Here is one
> pictured in the top portion of this page:
> http://wiki.dataflow.ws/PdMtlAbstractions/Usage/Browsing
Very nice!

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