[PD] introducing [tracecall] !

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sun Jul 15 18:54:37 CEST 2007

>> using a [tracecall] object you can trace back the original cause of
>> messages.

> This is fairly esoteric to me. Could you give a "real world" example of
> what such an object would be used for? What need does it fulfill in your
> own patching strategies? Why did you make it?

I would mostly use this object to make a test patch to find whether that 
object works. Seems pretty circular so far. I would make such a test patch 
because it also tests a part of DesireData's internals that [tracecall] 
uses. Basically, [tracecall] itself is just an internal component. I am 
exposing it to patches based on the belief that internal components should 
be testable "externally" (as much as possible using .pd files). This 
itself is based on the belief that programmes should be tested by other 

I will have a presentation at pd-convention about testing methodology and 
other connected topics such as type systems, documentation, XP, OAOO, etc.
So far the title is:

     "A Type Theory for the Documentation of PureData"

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