[PD] a composition of mine made with pd

Libero Mureddu libero.mureddu at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 11:55:42 CEST 2007

it sounds exactly the same, or better, it is the same idea! Nice!
And the visualisation part is really beautiful: it shows quite nicely the
process. I´ll post mine, even what I wanted originally was a kaleidoscope
kind of stuff as you did, really effective.
My original source of inspiration was the poème pour 100 métronomes by
Ligeti. Before it was performed here in Helsinki,  it seemed that nobody
could find all the metronomes required (the pyramid ones). The Ligeti piece
has however completely random speed. So I thought to make a pd version of it
to replace the performance, but they eventually found the metronomes.
Later I thought to make a disklavier version of it. The sound with the
piano, reminded me some of his piano studies, ie. désordre.
But, as an hommage to maybe the most accurate composer of the last century
(on many aspects), I wanted to make a precise version, that´s why I took the
canon path.
The title is referred to a composition by Josquin Desprez after Ockeghem

Another inspiration was  a web page with an analysis of a Nancarrow´s study,
that is, in fact, a proportional canon quite complex, but not as recursive
as our process. Unfortunately I think the page is not anymore on line.

Ligeti video is here:

On 7/16/07, hard off <hard.off at gmail.com> wrote:
> attached my patch to this mail.  i like the piano playing itself version
> better though.
> my patch was just something i saw on the internet which i knew would be
> easy to make in pd.  i forget what site it was.

Libero Mureddu
Vanha Viertotie, 21 as 417
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