[PD] netrecieve syntax issues?

Sebastian P. sebp at tpg.com.au
Mon Jul 16 12:23:13 CEST 2007

Hi board,

Pd Patch: [netrecieve 8888] --> [print]

Telnet 8888 causes statechange in pd from "0" to "1" 
(initiating active connection)
typing hello 10; yeilds "hello 10" in pd... all good...

In visual basic I made a winsock control and opened a tcp connection to 
127.0.01, port 8888 and pd sees the statechange "0" to "1" indicating a 
connection. I then send the string "hello 10;" and nothing shows up in pd.

I'm wondering, does telnet send a control code after every keypress or 
something, ie. is netrecieve waiting for me to send some control code, 
otherwise it thinks im still putting in data?

Kind regards,

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