[PD] PD on PSP (was: PD on PS3)?

alberto.zin at poste.it alberto.zin at poste.it
Tue Jul 17 10:10:56 CEST 2007

Jason Plumb wrote:

> Or even better, PSP!  I'd love to see that....

I just got my hands on a PSP and I was start thinking
about the potential of this beatiful piece of HW for 
"serious" music making. In particular the porting of 
the PD engine on it, it would be
fantastic. I'm in documentation phase ;-)
Maybe starting from GGee PDA PD port and Cris McCormick
PD for Gp2x could be an good point.. Anyone interested? 

As far as I know, at least for the PSP, 
Sony was always resistant in running unauthorized 
code (homebrew apps) on their HW by continuously
releasing firmware updates that basically correct 
the bugs used for firmware downgrading. 

Mark, I know I should not ask it, but the temptation 
is so strong now that we know you are working for Sony ;-) :
Do you think Sony attitude on this will change in 
the future? Can you say something about this? 
I can understand Sony 
is worried about game piracy but at the same time this 
is braking an incredible amount of good software 
Best regards,

Alberto Zin


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