[PD] puredata system architecture

tommaso bianco tommaso.bianco at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 16:46:05 CEST 2007

--- FTS --- Documentation

Hi I think this site-documentation could be very useful:

--- GP-GPU for Audio --- Digression

!! General Purpose GPU for audio analysis/synthesis processing.
I thought to use it a year ago for spatialization, because there 
were/are already some promising implementations, as this technique is 
tightly related to geometrical computing as in light radiosity.

Other way, for fft computations, as far as I know there's still a 
bottleneck caused by the limited bandwidth to the rest of the system 
through the AGP, PCI or PCI Express bus.

So for me there are two possibilities:

1. study a method for it based on current possibilities, as in "Audio 
and the Graphics Processing Unit", Sean Whalen 2005

2. wait for technology to change :
(ATI eyes audio acceleration on the GPU 


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