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Patrice Colet megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Wed Jul 18 18:34:23 CEST 2007

Hello Paris,
  as far as I've understood the screenshot, videogrid is for previewing 
a single image from the movie, a thumbnail, and I've already have made 
this feature, with using img, and a slider hidden behind, this is not 
very elegant because I have to make a gif from a picture taken in each 
video file, but I like it because I can send through network my image 
preview. Also I might make something more elegant with some 
[pyext]/tkinter or [widget] interface later, but it's not very important 
right now.

  What I'd like to make is more about having the animated movie into a 
playlist, a little bit like in resolume payware.

  Anyway, I put the link in my bookmarks, and will check how videogrid 
looks like,

paris at parisgraphics.com a écrit :
> you may want to check out the videogrid here:
> http://artefacte.org/pd/
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>     Subject: [PD] video preview
>     From: Patrice Colet <megalegoland at yahoo.fr>
>     Date: Wed, July 18, 2007 11:46 am
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>       Hello, I'd like to have possibility of previewing video files with the 
>     client before sending them to a Gem or pdp window, and I guess I've 
>     found a solution I with using quicktimetcl, [widget], and a self-made 
>     tcl script.
>       Before starting to build the .wid file( or tcl script), I'd like to 
>     check if there are other solutions available.
>       Thousand thanks in advance for any hint.
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