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Patrice Colet megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Wed Jul 18 18:55:46 CEST 2007

IOhannes m zmoelnig a écrit :

> well, you can use multiple pdp windows, so it might be an idea to make
> one window the "main" window, and the other one the "preview" window.
> and i think someone (i think it was yves or lluis) has written a
> "thumbnail" widget for movies, which is kind-of a preview.

Hello IO,
  this idea sounds half good for me because we would only use this 
feature with linux and osx, and somehow, what I'm trying to do through 
those kinds of patch development is also about converting some VJ's to 
puredata, with offering almost the same possibilities available in their 
favorite payware and I'm afraid most the PC users I want to show the 
powerfullness of our favorite freeware couldn't try it with their 
operating system yet.
  Also, not having the need for adding 'exotic' externals with using 
several pdp windows is great.
  Best regards.
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