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Patrice Colet megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Wed Jul 18 19:41:47 CEST 2007

paris at parisgraphics.com a écrit :
> Hi Patrice,
> If you are using pdp, why not just create another pdp_xv window just for 
> previewing?
> Maybe connected to a [playlist] or your favorite method of browsing?
> Then when you like what you see, route it to the main output.
> That's what I have done in the past and it worked quite well.
> Best,
> p

  Indeed, I'm planning first for browsing through a list of video files 
and previewing them into a single monitor windows, because it should be 
rather simple to implement, and pdp make it even simplier than what I 
have imaginated first.
  The finality in fact is about having the possibility of displaying 
different libraries of video files, with an assigned video processing 
method for (hmmm don't know how to call it, let me say) each video object.
  A comparison might be more clear:
  something like [videogrid] but with animated movies, and if it's 
possible, a preview of the effect(s) that has been applied to it, and 
last step (in a not too long future I hope) would be about having a 
preview that mimics things done with different kind of Gem/Gridflow/pdp 
patches, I guess that could be done with capturing main window during 
the saving process.

  Obviously this is only for playing little loops.

By this way of displaying video files, VJing improvisations is a lot 
more efficient than having to browse through lists of video names, 
somehow, like Cris McCormick has demonstrated lately during a discussion 
into desiredata mailing list:

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