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Patrice Colet megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Wed Jul 18 22:00:37 CEST 2007

Thomas O Fredericks a écrit :
> You could start two PDs. Each one controlling it's own Gem window. One
> would be the main output, the other the "previewer".
> Tom

  You are right, a previewer window would also be necessary for sighting 
what's happening on the 'video server', for completing one more function 
that some good VJing programs would give, that's why it's always 
interesting to keep client and server separated by different pd 
instances, even if they are both on the same computer, so every user 
would enjoy this kind of patch, some would just be frustrated of not 
being able to use some tools provided by 'unix only' externals, ...

  For slightly conclude, it's not really interesting to bring some new 
libraries, just for building a single previewer window, since many 
solutions already exist with using only things from the oceans of 
dependencies we already have.

  But still advantageous is to look into some solutions to give better 
visualizing tools that won't drown the video improvisator with 
filenames, and codes.
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