[PD] HID for PD on windows?

Thomas Jeppesen Jeppesen at skydebanen.net
Fri Jul 20 02:56:42 CEST 2007

Well, as I understand it the HID-object is at present only working on Linux 
and OSX due til difficulties in the windows API, but there is work being 
done on making the HID available for Windows users as well, there's even 
been some talk about this maybe being available in July 2007 which is very 
interesting indeed. Especially since it will also open up for easy access to 
the wii-controller.

For now though the joystick-object will have to do - I wonder if it can see 
my wii-controller as well...


ps - check the attachment for the joystick-object that I'm having success 
with :)

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> Yes,
> I am also working with pd under windows xp and I had exactly the same 
> question.
> is there any hope the [hid] will ever work under windows????
> or is there any other alternative for us poor windows users???
> let´s joystick around...if possible...
> Best,
> m.
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to get a game-controller (and eventually also the 
> Wii-controller)
> up and running on pure data which I am currently running on windows.
> As I understand it the best object at the moment to tap into the 
> datastreams
> produced by game controllers etc. is the HID-object build by 
> Hans-Christoph
> Steiner. It isn't provided with the latest beta version of PD extended and
> I'm also beginning to believe that it doesn't even run on windows at all -
> is the right or wrong?
> If there is a windows-version of this/these objects could someone please
> point me to them?
> Cheers!
> Thomas
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