[PD] HID for PD on windows?

Thomas Jeppesen Jeppesen at skydebanen.net
Sat Jul 21 00:10:15 CEST 2007

Hi Oluf,

and thank you very much for your kind offer! And all though I don't have any 
problems with begging publicly I think I have my needs covered for now with 
the joystick-object, at least regarding my logitech-gamepad :)
Now the Wii-remote that's a completely different story, so if you think that 
you current max external for PD might work then I would love to give it a go 
here on my 2 windows boxes, if it's not too much trouble for you!

Any other options on getting in tapping in on the Wii-Remote from pd are 
very welcome, also if Linux is the only option.


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> Thomas Jeppesen wrote:
>> Well, as I understand it the HID-object is at present only working on 
>> Linux and OSX due til difficulties in the windows API, but there is work 
>> being done on making the HID available for Windows users as well, there's 
>> even been some talk about this maybe being available in July 2007 which 
>> is very interesting indeed.
> Depending on how broad we take the term "HID-object for Windows" there 
> already was one in July 2004 or something.
> We (HC & I) agreed on making separate versions of the new hidio object for 
> the separate platforms first before figuring out how to merge them into 
> one single external with some OS dependent files. If you say "please, 
> please..." or something I might compile my current Max external for Pd so 
> that you can give it a try. It's not really 100% like the new hidio will 
> be but at least it includes the basic features and serves as a test bed. 
> Since the current code is not the final hidio code it's not open source.
>> Especially since it will also open up for easy access to the 
>> wii-controller.
> I can't comment on that, I have a Wii but a Windows box without bluetooth.
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