[PD] GISS streaming patch v 2.0

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Fri Jul 20 23:34:20 CEST 2007

ola, hans,

> I should mention that it is the university where I work that provides 
> the server, my time to setup the server, and the bandwidth.  
>  http://idmi.poly.edu  It's an engineering school in the US, so that 
> means it inevitably gets money from the defense dept.  So I like to 
> think I am tapping into the US war machine to try to salvage something 
> good from it.   Please use it!

well, if all uiversities are in away financed by the army,
that cuts down many free software projects then ..

> Yves, maybe you could check those streaming patches into CVS.  Maybe 
> something like externals/pidip/examples, then they would be placed in 
> the Help Browser in "examples -> pidip".
yeh, maybe,
but i have a new way to access patches and ressources :

( all the information in there for now is about me & collaborators,
but of course it can be extended through the web :
http://stream.r23.cc/etc/dbfill/db-create-node.pl?mapname=puredata )


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