[PD] polygon object

Timon Botez timon at botezco.com
Mon Jul 23 16:37:47 CEST 2007

Sorry, I do mean the [polygon] object in Gem - not curve. Curve  
appears to be restricted to some 10 points. Ill look into the forced  
rendering stuff - although not entirely sure how it helps. Thanks for  
pointer. Couldnt get linked download.


Timon Botez hat gesagt: // Timon Botez wrote:

> Hi, is there a more efficient way of feeding co-ordinates to the
> polygon object? If I have more than 20 points it is somewhat
> difficult to match a feed to the inlets. Something like a matrix
> input could make that simpler...

I suppose, with "polygon object" you mean the [curve] object of Gem?
(There are other "polygon objects" outside of Gem, like [drawpolygon])

For Gem, you can use attached approach which involves "forced
rendering" (search the archive for "double gemhead trick" to get a
longer explanation.)

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