[PD] hidio bug?

Diego Azar dazar_uy at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 25 05:17:31 CEST 2007

Absolute value. So if the last value was -3 and the mouse stop moving, it stays there. What I meant was that if the number was greater than absolute value of 1, and the mouse stops, it stays there. I put abs(1) because the sign is logical. If I move from right to left it stays in a negative number, what seems correct. If it is in the oposite direccion it stays in a positive number, so the sign thing seems to work fine. What number is it supposed to give if there´s no movement?   one?
  When moving fast it always have this problem
  Could it be some delay between the on of the mouse´s led and the "data transfer" from the os to pd?
  I tried it with two mouses ,one with a led-cam-dsp system and the other with a ball-system, and they had the same behavior. 
  Sorry if I wasn´t clear enough.

Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans at eds.org> wrote:

  I read your question again, and I don't quite get it.  What's abs(1)?


    On Jul 24, 2007, at 4:37 AM, Diego Azar wrote:

  Hans, thanks for your reply. I'm working with hidio because it works better, with my configuration, than the hid. 

thanks again, Diego.

Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans at eds.org> wrote:     

  First off, I must say [hidio] can be quite rough since it's very alpha.  But I am glad to have people testing it, with that in mind. But if you are using [hidio] and not [hid], and you are getting "rel_x" as a message, then that is a bug.  "rel_x" is the old [hid] style messages.  [hidio]'s messages look like [relative x 0 1(


    On Jul 22, 2007, at 9:49 PM, Diego Azar wrote:

  Hi. I'm using the hidio object with a mouse and it seems there's something I'm not getting. The problem is when routing the list from the rel_x to obtain the x relative axes; the value, sometimes, is greater than abs(1) when the mouse is not moving. Is this behavior correct? Is this a bug? Has it anythig to do with the numbers hidio gets from the /dev/event$ or something within the OS? 
I'm using a Debian based distro.

Thanks, Diego.   

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