[PD] sysexin midiin alsa

peter boehm boehm at mlab.at
Thu Jul 26 08:00:36 CEST 2007

hi mathieu,
thank you very much for your answer.

> On Tue, 24 Jul 2007, peter boehm wrote:
>> midout was sending nothing. in the archives i found some help and i have
>> patched s.midi.c and x.midi.c with iohannes patches
>> (https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&atid=478070&aid=1356455&group_id=55736
>> ), which works fine and i can send sysex data out.
> I applied this patch in branch desiredata.
>> patching s_midi_alsa.c with the midiout_alsa.patch results in sending a
>> 00
>> for each byte in the sysex message.
> You mean that prior to applying that patch it was sending a 0 in the case
> of PPC only (well, big endian in general), but also that it had a memory
> leak which was quite cross-platform...
> I applied that patch in branch desiredata.

i was making a mistake and applied the patch in reverse. so i was thinking
that with the patch it is not working and without not.

>> testing midiin i can just receive sysex messages shorter than 20 bytes
>> (240, x1, x2, x3,...x17, x18, 247). is this intentional?
> Yes. I extended that limit to 256 in branch desiredata.

meanwhile i studied the desiderata s_midi_alsa.c and applied the #define
MAX_EVENT_SIZE 256 variable. my fault was that i did not change the

       count = snd_midi_event_decode(midiev,buf,sizeof(buf),midievent);
       alsa_source = midievent->dest.port;
           sys_midibytein(alsa_source, (buf[i] & 0xff));
       //post("received %d midi bytes\n",count);

but now it is fine.

i will try to test desiredata (i am very interested) and keep you informed

> However, I don't have any alsa midi device that i can easily test on, so I
> would appreciate if someone would help me set up a fake midi driver for
> testing purposes, if that exists. (I run Linux too)

maybe my strength of coding is not sufficient for this task, but i would
like to learn more and help.

all the best

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