[PD] netsend&netreceive from Pd to Max

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Jul 26 17:21:28 CEST 2007

Marko Timlin wrote:
> moi,
> i am trying to establish a network between a windows machine running pd and a mac running max via the netsend and netreceive objects.
> to receive data from max into pd works just fine and easy.
> netsend object on mac and netreceive on pd. no problem!
> but if I try to send data from pd to max I always get the following message:
> connecting to port 10000
> error : netsend : not connected
> I don´t understand that as I think I´ve done everything right:
> [connect 10000]

this ought to be [connect 10000(
(which is the usual ascii-notation for a message box instead of an
object box)

and of course you have to send this message to the [netsend] object,
which is not that clear from your patch description :-)

>  l
>  l
>  l 
> [netsend 1]

you are using udp. are you sure that the [netreceive] also uses udp?

the outlet of [netsend] will tell you whether the object thinks it is
currently connected: 1 means "connected", 0 means "disconnected".
when you "connect" to a closed/filtered udp port, [netreceive] will not
know whether it really has connected (udp being a very simple protocol).
when you first send data and it cannot send it, the object will go into
disconnected mode and emit a "0". this way you know that something has
gone wrong. you also have to re-connect in order to be able to send data

check your firewalls!

does it need to be udp?
when using tcp/ip, debugging is often simpler as you can use telnet (or
even netcat!) to emulate sessions.

does it need to be FUDI? the netsend/netreceive objects on max are a bit
aged (to my knowledge). nowadays OSC is on top of the hype... (you need
externals for both max and pd, though)

you could also install pd on your mac and see whether it works on localhost.


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