[PD] OSC between win and mac

Steffen Leve Poulsen slagmark at worldonline.dk
Thu Jul 26 18:18:49 CEST 2007

	mind the portnumbers.

UDP is like a scream/stream, just broadcasting on the whole network for 
anyone to listen on that port. TCP/IP does handshake on two channels
(eg port 4444 and 4445) involving al kinds of "are you ready, oh, I 
didnt get that", messages.

If you want to connect both ways with UDP select two different 
portnumbers for the two senders (5555 7777).

Make shure these ports are free, on win do Run/"netstat -a 30" to see.
on mac I don't know.

And as Martin says: "Mind the networkfiltering (firewalls)", these ports 
need to be open for network traffic.

Good luck

mvh/Steffen Leve Poulsen

Marko Timlin skrev:
> Moi, 
> where can I find "martin's net/osc objects" mentioned below by IOhannes?
> and why do I have to set up the machines to pass udp packets on port 7000? is there a reason why port 7000 and not any other port???
> thanks,
> m.
> martin.peach at sympatico.ca wrote:
>> Be sure that both machines are set up to pass udp packets on port 7000.
> e.g. be sure to configure your firewalls correctly when dealing with
> network traffic (the sender computer must allow outgoing udp-traffic on
> the specified port, the receiving computer must allow incoming
> udp-traffic on the port and all intermediate firewalls have to act
> accordingly).
> and connect a [print] directly to [dumpOSC] so you can see whether you
> receive anyhing.
> and watch the console, whether it bails out on either the sending or the
> receiving side.
> mfga.sdf
> IOhannes
> PS: and use martin's net/osc objects, they are better...
>> Martin

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