[PD] add or subtract value every N ms?

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Fri Jul 27 23:11:24 CEST 2007

On Fri, 27 Jul 2007, Frank Barknecht wrote:
> Andy Farnell hat gesagt: // Andy Farnell wrote:
>> Cool Frank and Matju, comparing pre-inc with accum for this is fun.
> It's very similar. But what I like most about the accumulator idiom
> is, that it *looks* very much like the normal counter, so you can even
> *see* the close relation of the two, which also makes the accumulator
> idiom ease to remember: It's just a counter with the two participants
> switching places:  [f ]x[+ 1] and [+ ]x[f ].

The position of the incoming and outgoing wires is important in the 
characterising the pattern. This is most obvious if you make an 
abstraction/subpatch out of it, because it leads you to really think of 
[inlet] [outlet] as part of the pattern. In an non-abstraction/subpatch, 
you have to think about including loose wires as part of the pattern, 
which is not something that you can do with the Cut or Copy command.

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