[PD] OSC between win and mac

Marko Timlin susi at timlin.de
Tue Jul 31 18:03:48 CEST 2007

solution found, 
now it´s working.

solution: first we gave in manually the IP numbers in the Windows as well as in the Mac machine. sendin to Mac was impossible. but using the IP numbers, which the machines automatically assigned to, solved the problem. it is also the case that these numbers are just one number away from each other.

thanks especially to IOhannes for help and patience.

ciao tutti

Marko Timlin wrote:
> Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrgghhhhhh,
> I send and SOS to the world, I hope that someone get´s my...message in a 
> still fiddling around with that bl##dy OSC connection form Windows to Mac or 
Pd to Max respectively.
> Status:
> firewalls are off
> sending OSC from Mac using Max to Windows using Pd works just fine
> sending OSC from Windows using Pd to Mac using Max doesn´t work, I receive 
the following message:
> SendData::SendHTMSocket()failure -- not connected
> to receive I use the dumpOSC object to send I use the sendOSC object.
> I give in the IP number of the Mac and its port, but...nothing :-(
> by the way, sending and receiving OSC from Pd to Reaktor on Windows works 
also perfectly.

honestly, have you tried to find out _where_ the error is (the mac, the
xp box, the network) as suggested in previous mails?
probably i have overlooked this in sos...

can you connect from mac to mac (localhost)?
can you connect from xp to xp (localhost)? (ok, you tested this!)

what is inbetween the 2 machines? another firewall? (a real one, not a
"personal firewall" nonsense)

have you tried installing Pd on the mac and see what it gets?
do you have other machines available for testing?

have you tried other ports?
are you sure that both objects are working in the same protocol (UDP).

you could try to find some cmd-line tools for sending (and receiving)

again: "netcat" is the swiss army knife for _anything_ network related.
it will allow you to fake both a server (netreceive/dumpOSC) and a
client (netsend/sendOSC).


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