[PD] scrollist - super program

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Sat Aug 4 17:57:11 CEST 2007


as it was just a 10 minutes patch,
i just did it now and put it here :
and also in CVS..

unfortunately, it's only for linux
for we have removed all mac OSX around...

and windows a long time ago.


Kuba Szczypek wrote:

>I use your excelent scrollist in pd.
>I would like to ask: is this hard to add changing colors (background and 
>others) by message in pd, not only in properties window?
>I ask because it will be useful for my patch. Please if you can tell me 
>sometching about where I must looking for place to add additional 
>I not programmer, but since this probubly is quite easy maybe I will can 
>do this.
>Of course if you will have time for do this update - I will be happy, 
>but I know no body have too much time.
>anway thanks alot for this superb software!
>Jakub Szczypek
>Jedni przybyli na Ziemię, by nas zniszczyć. Inni - by nas chronić.
>"Transformers" - pełen akcji film Stevena Spielberga
>i Michaela Baya w kinach od 17 sierpnia.

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