[PD] pd command-line options . ( -guicmd , -guiport )

errordeveloper ild0012 at londonmet.ac.uk
Mon Aug 6 23:01:08 CEST 2007

hello pd-list.

I would like to find out more on how exactly the undocumented options
'-guicmd' and '-guiport'  might be used?

when pd starts up it usualy listens to port 5401 and the netstat gives 

%netstat|grep 5401
tcp        0      0 localhost:5401          localhost:52381
tcp        0      0 localhost:52381         localhost:5401

does it mean that 5401 if where 'pd' sits and 5381 is where  'pdgui'
comes from?  so the could be on different host or there any
restrictions? i have got pd compiled only one machine , so could not
test this yet ..

also another option - '-guicmd'  - what about this one?

i thinking how to setup a such a 'multi-station', which could have
multiple users using some set of programms for their multimedia
production with such a particular oportuniti to work in the same
programm at time ..
so with PD, in fact , i can see many ways of implimenting that.
it is event too many ways to try, needs benchmarking i think. ..

appart from what could be done with built-in pd stuff, i'd like to try
Xdmx and may be even just XdmCP (simply when a user log-in on a thin
client - he gets a full-sceen patch as an Xsession ) .. 

but i'm realy curious what those undocumented options are !


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