[PD] [PD-announce] netpd upgrade

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Sat Aug 11 18:57:36 CEST 2007

hi all

netpd significantly changed. whole netpd is now only one patch,
therefore no additional configuration is necessary, when installing
netpd. the required pathes and libs are now loaded internally by chat
with an appropriate [declare]. the 'netpd-path' setting became obsolet,
because patches are now instantiated as abstractions (no 'open' message
to pd anymore).

i hope all this makes the netpd experience a bit less troublefull
(especially for beginners and pd-extended users) and much more fun,
though it haven't been extensively tested yet. 


pd >= 0.40 (i hope pd-0.40-extended will be released soon)
zexy >= 2.1

optional (used by some netpd-patches):

where to get:

how to contribute:

i hadn't the chance to extensively test on pd-0.40-extended. i'd be glad
to get reports from pd-extended users. the intention is that, after
downloading and extracting netpd.tar.gz to some place, _chat.pd can be
openened from pd-extended and everything should be fine (no errors).
i'll be online (on netpd or irc #dataflow) for assistance.




whole netpd is one single patch now. creator and logview are
abstractions of chat, all netpd-patches are now abstractions of
creator. because of that, the path adding feature of [declare] 
could be used. this also means, that no additional configuration
is needed anymore, when installing netpd. in other words:

 - no '-lib' as start option isn't required anymore, if libs are 
   necessary are installed at standard location.
 - no '-path ..path/to/netpd/abs' required anymore as start option
 - no 'netpd-path' settings is needed anymore

- creator v1.5.0
  * new gui with scrollbar 
  * internal patch management restructured/reprogrammed
  * patches are not opened anymore (with 'open' message to pd) but
    are instantiated as abstraction in an own subpatch each. 
  * added a subpatch [pd cr.singletons]. since there is no clean way
    to implement a singleton pattern in pd, this subpatch was introduced
    as a place, where netpd-patches can put their singletons. the goal is
    that the singletons remain open, also when the patch, that initially
    called the singleton, is closed. 

- chat v1.4.0
  * added scrollbar, so that old messages can be reviewed
  * added client dependent message colors
  * redesigned gui
  * redesigned netpd-settings dialog ('pref')
  * creator and logview are instantiated as abstractions now

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