[PD] multiple instances of pd

Jerome Tuncer columbiatwo at free.fr
Mon Aug 13 01:23:40 CEST 2007

Mathieu Bouchard a écrit :
> On Sat, 11 Aug 2007, Jerome Tuncer wrote:
>> May you explain it to me as well Mathieu ?
> We haven't actually tried, but it involves sending to the pd object a 
> "open" message from a small patch controlled by [netreceive]. Then, from 
> outside pd, try to netsend the filename to the default port, and if 
> connection is refused, then start that small patch. This patch can be 
> hidden by sending "vis 0" to its own receive-symbol, via [namecanvas] or 
> the other way.
> Makes sense?

Kind of does yeah.

If I folow you it then involves that the window manager (call it 
whatever you want, but the program that calls pd to open when a double 
click is issued on a patch file) talks netsend to a patch already inside 
pd. Don't programs, like xmms for instance, usually kind of detect 
there's already an instance running and thus tell it to open the 
once-again-clicked-supported-filetype instead of running a new one ? Is 
this task OS or program-wise ? (er... I'm a noob programer).

>> A Paris/Montréal flight might have been a bit too expensive for such a
>> workaround...
> Le truc, c'est qu'il faut trouver plus de choses à faire à Montréal en 
> même temps, pour amortir les coûts... :)

Sure would have more things to do there but... l'emploi du temps est 
rempli pour le moment (-:



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