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Olivier Heinry oli4444 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 12:38:23 CEST 2007

Le mardi 14 août 2007 à 22:19 +0200, Tim Boykett a écrit :

> Hi Kids!
>    Time for a new adventure. I would like to have a working
> firewire camera input for manipulation in Gem on a linux
> box that is sitting here purring at me. The cam works
> fine with Kino and dvgrab, so the linux-firewire connection
> is all well.
> But I am having no luck with pix_video or pdp_v4l. The main problem
> seems to be that (apparently) recently the naming conventions
> in debian and possibly linux in general were changed. So there is
> no more /dev/video0 for the v4l mode, and for pix_video trying to
> work directly with ieee1394, I get complaints that /dev/ieee1394/dv/ 
> host/PAL/in
> "Is a directory".
> Has anyone had more luck? Do I need to going from stable to testing in
> some parts of debian? Do I need to use some special somethings?

apparently this is a problem related to the new behavior of udev under
Debian. I wouldn't recommand to downgrad udev though. I read the
following on videolan's website: 

 if you have a distribution that uses udev, then you must add/change the
following line to the file 50-udev.rules in your /etc/udev/rules.d

%vi /etc/udev/rules.d/50-udev.rules 
# IEEE1394 (firewire) devices (must be before raw devices below) 
KERNEL=="raw1394", NAME="%k" KERNEL=="dv1394", NAME="dv1394/%k"
KERNEL=="video1394*", NAME="video1394/%n" 

I havent tested it yet, since i havent any DV cam before hand at the

The workaround i used at the time is the following:

first check that you belong to the right groups : disk and video by
issuing the command groups 

If not, then 

$ sudo adduser username disk
$ sudo adduser username video

then run the attached bash script as a superuser after each restart:

$ sudo bash ./dv.sh

you might have to chmod +x the shell script 

Start Pd/Gem, pix_video should work as expected if feeded with the
pathname given in the shell script 
(I cant remember well this part, i'm sorry i'm only sending a
translation of my blog notes, i dont have access to the original machine
and Pd program this week (public holiday).) 

The shell was adapted from an article about Ubuntu Edgy and DV cams  


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