[PD] Gem and ieee1394 firewire cam on linux debian

Tim Boykett tim at timesup.org
Tue Aug 21 22:49:10 CEST 2007

Apologies for a slight stuff up,

The suggestion I made here, I now notice deep in the source, has been  
with the message

|device /dev/dv1394/0(

to pix_video I could have made this work all those days ago.



On 21/08/2007, at 10:28 PM, Tim Boykett wrote:
> to have special names for special devices. One possibly solution
> would be to allow
> a message to pass a device name to pix_video, then this device name
> would be
> used instead of pix_video trying to guess. In that case I might have
> been able to
> use a openpanel to point pix_video at the correct /dev/dv1394/0.

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