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Tim Blechmann tim at klingt.org
Wed Aug 22 11:07:57 CEST 2007

> One of the limitations with the Pd DSP chain *is* it's style of
> modularity.  The stream is broken down into indivisible blocks.  The
> tree is parallel at the top, but as you go down the tree, it becomes
> more and more serial.  There would be a bottleneck, where the parallel
> processes aren't used.
> In order to get a generic speedup, those "indivisible blocks" have to
> be divisible.  And this is not always possible--

afaict, it is just a problem of scheduling ... scheduling a serialized
(topologically sorted) dsp graph is very easy and very efficient ...
just iterate over an array (nova) or a memory region (pd) ... it is
actually scheduled in advance ... 

a parallel dsp graph scheduler would introduce some dispatching code
between the nodes ... probably we need to maintain ready/waiting queues
that we have to access in order to make our scheduling decisions ...
which is way more expensive than just going to the next node in a dsp
chain ...

so for small "parallel" graphs like:
osc~  line~
|   / 
|  /

the parallel execution of osc~ and line~ is probably more expensive than
running osc~->line~->*~->dac~

so i don't think, it is a problem of splitting up indivisible blocks,
but rather to combine these indivisible blocks to reasonably large
serial chunks ...

> You'd have to start almost from scratch to design an
> ideal parallelized Pd.

yes, probably :)


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