[PD] usb midi interface

Patrice Colet megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Sun Aug 26 02:18:42 CEST 2007


  for using my midi interface with pd I need to create a symbolic link 
manually at each boot of my linux system with these lines:

/etc/init.d/alsaound stop
ln -s /dev/midi22 /dev/midi
/etc/init.d/alsasound start

and to launch pd with the following command:

pd -midiindev 23

I would like to start pd automatically without having to type any 
command line, and it wouldn't be a problem if the symbolic link wouldn't 
have to be created in root mode at each boot.

  Consulting the pd-list archive gave me this hint:


I'd like to test this but before that I'd like to understand what I'm 
doing, and to know if it is the only solution.

  Thanks for any advice.

PS: FC4, i386, pd-0.41-test06, midisport 1x1
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