[PD] trouble with arrays

Stefan Kreitmayer stefankreitmayer at gmx.de
Sun Aug 26 10:53:34 CEST 2007

hello list,

thanks in advance to anyone for taking a little time for this! :)

i uploaded a screenshot,
hoping this makes my situation fairly clear:


this is happening on a 64bit machine with ubuntu feisty
with at least pd 0.40-2 and 0.40-3 built from source.

there is also an official ubuntu package of 0.40-2 available
which does not have this error. but this package comes
without jack support, so i have to compile pd myself.

what i do is:

./configure --enable-jack
sudo make install

after removing only the -m32 compiler flag from the makefiles of some 
which appears to be necessary on 64bit.

any ideas? thank you so much


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