[PD] inconsistencies in msgfile

zmoelnig at iem.at zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Aug 30 16:38:50 CEST 2007

Quoting João Miguel Pais <jmmmpais at googlemail.com>:

> Hi,
> I was checking out msgfile (zexy 2.1), and there are some
> inconsistencies  that I can't work out:
> - the read message doesn't work with paths/files that have spaces in
> them  [that's not an inconsistency, but it's something that should be
> standard  nowadays]

i have not checked that now, but i am pretty sure, that it does  
support files with spaces.
however, there is a limitation (that can be worked around) on pd's  
ability to create a symbol containing spaces.

> - when opening the attached file with "|read ... cr(", msgfile behaves
> differently in pd vanilla 0.40-2 and pd extended 0.39-2-t5 (the .dll
> file  only exists once, it's the one compiled with pd-extended). In pd
> extended  the file opens, but it disregards the "cr" command - and the
> attached file  appears condensed in 3 or 4 lines. In pd-vanilla the
> message "unable to  lseek" appears.

are you absolutely sure that the same .dll is used? if so: weird...


> does someone gets the same results as I do?
> Joao
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