[PD] Can you help me with this patch? II

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Nov 1 20:33:31 CET 2007

Javier Garcia hat gesagt: // Javier Garcia wrote:

> Thanks Cyrille
> Cyrille Henry wrote:
> > certainly a missong trigger problem.
> I dont understand...could you correct my patch?
> > why do you nead a delay?
> As you can see here i asked for something similar some days ago:
> http://lists.puredata.info/pipermail/pd-list/2007-10/055664.html
> and [delay< worked. (The patch i refered is attached on this mail)

A [trigger anything] would have worked there as well. Both of your
patches have a tricky execution order and you did get the order wrong.
To get execution order right, you should not use [delay] but
[trigger]. You should only use [delay] when you actually want to delay
something not to fix execution order problems (except in some very
rare cases.)

Anyway looping from 0-1 is just a variation on counting, which doesn't
need triggers or delays. There are standard idioms on how to do
counters in Pd (search the archive). I'd recommend to only count in
integer numbers and scale to your needed range afterwards. See
attached patch which is your patch changed in small steps.

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