[PD] PDP problems removing title bars

Enrique Tomas warholiano at yahoo.es
Thu Nov 1 22:17:20 CET 2007

Hi folks
I am having big big problems to remove the title bars from the PDP windows. I am working under Linux Ubuntu Studio in an extended desktop with a NVIDIA graphic board that controls two screens (1024x768). I need to autoremove all the PDP title bars when the computer and Pd starts.

I have an extended desktop and I need to maximize two windows, every one in different screens (0 or 1). I can´t use fullscreen messages in PDP because it uses the whole width of the desktop.

Right now, I am using "devilspie" scripts to get two clean windows (without borders or titles) and then I maximize it sending messages to PDP. It works fine when I run the script after Pd. 
Then I have saved my devilspie script in the autostart file in Ubuntu (~/.gnome2/session) to autoremove title bars when the computer starts.

But when I start Ubuntu: 
- Pd starts fine
- sometimes (only sometimes... like random) the PDP windows have the title bars (and then my visualization crashes because I have to adjust it pixel to pixel in the screen)

Do you know any other way to remove these title bars in two screens?
or Do you know what is happening at the autostart with devilspie?

thanks a lot

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