[PD] changing the look of Pd to be more readable

ilya .d errordeveloper at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 01:23:32 CET 2007

i think all in pd gui canvas part is just right.

there is also DesireData, why wouldn't you use it to have coloured stuff?

different stuff is already in the externals (which i personally dont use (almost, apart from a few objects)).

you can even have a three-dimensional gui made in GEM, if you really want to.

all gui colouring related stuff obviously seems to be in pd.tk script ..
for example we could have a variabel instead of the string "white" write
"$canvas_background" :
canvas $name.c -width $width -height $height -background white

i'm just still wondering if we eventually increase the number of
variables by say a 100 (which can easily happened, might even go to 200
or something like that), that will take more memory, isn't it ?
so i think even if modern computers have a great figure of RAM, still
this should be taken care of.

look, actually , having pd just black and white one can use a
monochrome video card, and tweak the modern one to do the DSP.
there ongoing developments , that most of you are aware of, i reckon.
(that can happened only in theory, the two cards like that and a mother
board which can accommodate both and communicate with them all together
is very _hard_to_find_)
but still, something a bit more normal can be done.

after all, who is not happy with tk, might like Tcl-GTK or i suppose, a
brand new shiny pdgui can be rewritten in anything else if someone really wants to.

ilya .d

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