[PD] Installing pd-extended in ubuntu on a computer with no internet connection

Kevin McCoy km.takewithyou at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 03:32:46 CET 2007

This is cheating but Debian has a web repository at
http://packages.debian.org where you can download packages for different
architectures and search, etc.  Find out what packages Pd-extended depends
on, download the ppc .deb files from the debian server, pop them on a flash
drive and drop them on your net-less ppc at home and then install them first

sudo dpkg -i whatever.deb

Then install the pd-extended deb package using the same command.

That's what I would do - but it's not very elegant and maybe someone has a
better idea.

On 11/3/07, David NG McCallum <d at mentalfloss.ca> wrote:
> Hi!
> Maybe this is more of an ubuntu package question than a Pd question,
> but...
> I've got an old iMac running xubuntu at home, except that home has no
> internet connection. When I tried installing the pd-extended package
> it went and tried to download the depends, which of course it
> couldn't, because it has no internet connection.
> Is there a complete meta-package of Pd-extended and all the depends
> that I could just plop onto this machine? Is it possible to make one
> (I don't have access to another PPC-ubuntu machine with a net
> connection to do this, it would have to be either an intel-ubuntu or
> OS X machine doing the work).
> Thanks!
> D
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