[PD] changing the look of Pd to be more readable

Kevin McCoy km.takewithyou at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 03:46:03 CET 2007

> And finally, it pains me that much of this work we're discussing has
> already been done by Mathieu and Chun : (!  I have a dream, where DD and PD
> and PD-E are one.

Oh yes, we are dreaming the same dream - but DesireData isn't there in terms
of usability yet.  I couldn't use it for anything dsp-related actually.
The only thing I was able to get out of it was just to see what Chun and
Mathieu have been up to.  From what I understand (admittedly, not much) they
have undertaken something much more extensive than color changes, and their
work is likely not easily integrated with pd's vanilla ui.  I had a
conversation with Miller at the pd-conv where he said he was interested in
implementing some of dd's features at a point in the future.

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