[PD] new pd wiki - practical data - includes forum

Enrique Erne pd at mild.ch
Sun Nov 4 15:11:29 CET 2007

On Sam Nov  3 19:54 , "Chuckk Hubbard"  sent:

>On 11/3/07, Steffen Juul <stffn at dibidut.dk> wrote:
>On 03/11/2007, at 8.02, hard off wrote:
>> i just set up a new wiki for pd, aimed at providing a simple and easy
>> way for pd users to share their patches / tutorials, etc...
>There is also the 
>http://puredata.info website people can use. For
>tutorials for instance folks can add to http://puredata.info/docs/

>I'm all for centralization; however, I've never liked the puredata.info layout
and setup.  When you find a link to a file, you first have to visit the page
where the file is listed, and for those of us in remote parts of the world
without the best internet connections, it sucks to have to wait for one more
page, when you could just as well start the download immediately.

An author can link to yourfile/download i.e. foo.mp3/download 
so that it doesn't display the page of the file. probably more a pdweb topic.

what i really miss is an (central?) file-archive for patches and abstractions
where everybody is allowed to submit their work. so far we have many different
location: puredata.info, cvs, forum, pd-list, netpd, tons of websites, etc 

also downloading the whole in tar.gz or .zip would be nice.

maybe we could agree on some basic rules? like having a directory that is in the

hans pointed out that we could do something like that with netpd. it more or less
reducing netpd's functionality and running a user somewhere to send/get patches.

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