[PD] changing the look of Pd to be more readable

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Sun Nov 4 20:07:38 CET 2007

On Sun, 2007-11-04 at 13:36 -0500, marius schebella wrote:
> The gui has to be a mixture of both,

"bamm.. here i am and i know _exactly_, what needs to be done... "

i like your diplomatic way  ;-)

>  1) providing style options for 
> programmers who want to make use of it and 2) the possibility to view 
> patches also in old "text-only" black and white style for users that are 
> distracted by too much new technology and design. I think it is similar 
> to web browsing. If you don't want style-sheets you always can use lynx.
> For Pd to finally become a tool that can be used to create instruments 
> that will be shared, I see no other possibilty than to go with some 
> enhancements.
> I don't see any movement from Miller into that direction (to conjure up 
> style features), I simply think, there is no possibilty to get 
> additional style information into patches. that given, the 
> "enhancements" are limited anyway. Maybe someone has to come up with an 
> alternative objectbox-style that provides all the style settings. (like 
> number2 or comment from cyclone). or maybe it is possible to create a 
> wrapper object that does the same like any objectclass itself, but with 
> additional layout-information.
> But, who is willing and able to do the work? ... So all that talk is 
> going 'poof'. You want to create a patch to share? 

now you are changing the topic. as far as  i understood, hc initial
efforts were going into finding ways to improve pd's appearance from a
programmers perspective. the ideas wasn't to change the appearance for
fancy guis for fancy patches.

> Use something 
> different for the interface and run pd -nogui.

here i think you are _very_ wrong by saying this. have you ever used
datastructures? have you ever had a look at netpd? especially at
syntax_the_nerd's bon-* patches? have you ever had a look at the gop
abstractions of pdmtl? not to mentionen all the stuff that i forgot to
list here?


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