[PD] changing the look of Pd to be more readable

marius schebella marius.schebella at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 22:15:25 CET 2007

I did not disagree with you. I just wanted to add some thoughts. let me 
explain again.
one of the thoughts is, that I think there is a difference between the 
"programmer" (the one that writes a patch) and the "user". these two 
types need different features of gui improvement.
the programmer wants to work in a nice environment, where she can set 
colors and fontsizes of the workspace. but to create better user 
interfaces she maybe wants to have the possibility to hide cords, color 
specific objects, make them bigger.
the one style (for the workspace) only needs to be set once. but the 
style for a specific patch may change from patch to patch (according to 
how the programmer wants the patch to look like. and still, there 
probably should be the possibility to override another programmers 
layout with your own -nofancyfirlefanz setting...

Frank Barknecht wrote:
> Hallo,
> marius schebella hat gesagt: // marius schebella wrote:
>> The gui has to be a mixture of both, 1) providing style options for 
>> programmers who want to make use of it and 2) the possibility to view 
>> patches also in old "text-only" black and white style for users that are 
>> distracted by too much new technology and design. I think it is similar 
>> to web browsing. If you don't want style-sheets you always can use lynx.
>> For Pd to finally become a tool that can be used to create instruments 
>> that will be shared, I see no other possibilty than to go with some 
>> enhancements.
>> I don't see any movement from Miller into that direction (to conjure up 
>> style features), I simply think, there is no possibilty to get 
>> additional style information into patches. that given, the 
>> "enhancements" are limited anyway. Maybe someone has to come up with an 
>> alternative objectbox-style that provides all the style settings. (like 
>> number2 or comment from cyclone). or maybe it is possible to create a 
>> wrapper object that does the same like any objectclass itself, but with 
>> additional layout-information.
>> But, who is willing and able to do the work? ... So all that talk is 
>> going 'poof'. You want to create a patch to share? Use something 
>> different for the interface and run pd -nogui.
> Maybe I'm missing something fundamental but I don't see how what you
> just wrote is related to my previous mail where I wrote:
>>> As I wrote in my mail, I don't think using command line options in
>>> this fashion is a good idea. It's not maintainable. It forces people
>>> to choose either A or B, when they actually want 1.2635 or 9.3463
> If you read this: I only proposed to not hardcode enhancements, but
> leave room for more enhancements by managing the enhancements in a
> more flexible way (which isn't even a very advanced way. For an
> advanced way see DesireData.)
> Ciao

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