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Tue Nov 6 04:56:18 CET 2007

>>  What kind of libraries or toolkits enable the functions of things like 
>> [drawpolygon] and [drawnumber]?

what pd attempts to do with those objects is a juicy area.

theres a number of interesting recent papers on the subject of functional reactive GUIs and/or function-composition based GUI description. ive also seen some good stuff on visualization pipelines. combining all 3 is pretty much the penultimate in this area (most other markets outside of us are only interested in 1-way visualization (Eg you cant change financial market history, you just want to see it more clearly. or one-way 3d rendering from some source timeline/scene for movies/games. professional motion graphics stuff is still almost entirely prescriptive rather than descriptive/reactive, just doing what some timeline says to do) and i havent seen any papers on it yet. ok. maybe fijuu/selectparks stuff?..though that seems more high on fun/cool than theory/design

heres some papers to get your noodle tingled:

Crossing State Lines: (lots on widgets and coming to functional/reactive from an OO world)

it should be noted theyre building their GUI toolkit for FrTime, which is worth reading as well:

FrTime: Functional Reactive Programming in PLT Scheme

TCL can be thought of and used like a Lisp, albeit without fast compilers at your disposal, and resorting to upvalue hacks instead of getting proper lexical scoping for free in Scheme, etc.

Fudgets - Purely Functional Processes with applications to Graphical User Interfaces

Fine-grained visualization pipelines and lazy functional languages
http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/1896/1/vis2006Copyrighted.pdf (420k)

and the related

Meshing with Grids: Toward functional abstractions for grid-based visualization

ok, im off to read.. 

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