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Tue Nov 6 19:04:19 CET 2007


(I cc the list, I guess it was meant to go there as well. pd-list
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A Whillas hat gesagt: // A Whillas wrote:

> Why this discussion if Plone already so good?
> I've never used Plone before so I don't know its strengths and  
> weaknesses. Perhaps the current site is just badly structured and can  
> be made right with some adjustments, but looking at plone.org and  
> puredata.info they give the feeling of a Wiki not a community site.

Indeed, the structuring is the problem, and not the capabilities of
the underlying CMS. Plone can be used to build everything that Drupal
could be used for. Work on making a better structure is well needed,
but just replacing the software is superfluous and a waste of energy,
in my opinion. 

> I guess being able to see new articles, new forum topics, news  
> updates on the front page is what gives you the feeling of life from  
> the site. 

Possible with Plone. Acutally it's already in effect in the sidebar,
which syndicates every public "News" item tagged as one in every users
home folder. But people don't use this feature that often. I just used
it to illustrate the idea. I'm all for making the sidebar the center
column btw.

> >And it is administered by IEM, who run all their stuff with Plone,  
> >so there's
> >quite a bit of knowledge and experience already there,
> I'm guessing the Drupal community is probably bigger. Who are IEM by  
> the way?

Institute of Electronic Music. Also the biggest Pd center in Europe,
where the first Pd convention was hold. Also where this list and
puredata.info is hosted. 

> >not to mention the tons of content that has been uploaded already  
> >and hundreds
> >(statistics, IOhannes?) of registered users.
> Can all be migrated. The surprising thing is you can't tell there is  
> all that content. And if you can't access/find it then its the same  
> as it not being there.

But just migrating it won't solve anything. Why bother with setting up
a completely new system, when the current system could be made to do
anything, the new system could be made to do, as well? Or rather: Why
not work on making the current system address the valid points you

> 2224 users isn't really going to be a migration problem :-)

I see this a bit differently: Migrating just the account data would be
no problem, but setting it up so that old URLs to old content continue
to work, teaching the 2224 users about the new system, etc. is quite a
problem. And what would we gain?

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