[PD] controlled vibrato

Claude Heiland-Allen claudiusmaximus at goto10.org
Tue Nov 6 20:19:45 CET 2007

Libero Mureddu wrote:
> In other words, I´d like to have a modulating wave that has a certain 
> amplitude when goes up, and a different one when goes down.
> I do not want to use a sine wave with an offset, because I would lose 
> the regularity of the 0 amplitude point.
> A friend suggested me to use two sine waves with same frequency

They also need the same phase - simplest way is to use one [osc~] and 
two [*~].

> but 
> different amps and "half rectify" them, in the first excluding the 
> negative values and in the second the positives, in order to create this 
> pseudo-sine wave.

[max~ 0] and [min~ 0] will help here.

Also [+~] to combine them after half-rectification.

Hope this helps.


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