[PD] [declare] trouble

robbert van hulzen robbert at nocount.org
Tue Nov 6 20:51:23 CET 2007

hi all & hc,
just downloaded last night's autobuild--looks very nice! i understand the
wish for flexible colours etc, but hc, thanks a lot for the work!
there is something however that i don't understand: why is it that pd-ext
doesn't load all the libs it comes with? the .plist it comes with contains
10 entries for loadlib, while in my tweaked prefs file for an earlier
version, there are 36.
i thought this problem might be a good reason to learn what [declare] is all
about, but i didn't manage: [declare -lib ext13 -path
/] didn't do it, and neither did variations on the path. according to the
help file (not included in the ext build), "you may use a full path name",
so i'm wondering what i'm doing wrong... also [declare -lib ext13
/App...blablah] (as quoted by roman in an earlier post) doesn't work. am i
mixing up definitions of libraries? still, in verbose output, it shows that
the path i hoped to create is not searched.
i know there's been a lot of talk about [declare] (and [import]) on the
list, but it apparently didn't give me enough info to sort this out.
if i understood correctly, [declare] is different from [import] in that it
does its thing at startup rather than when banged?
i couldn't find a description in the pdpedia of either--i'll be happy to
make that entry as soon as i understand how they work.
help would be greatly appreciated!
cheers, robbert

mac osx 10.4.8, 15" G4 PB 1.67 GHz, 1 GB ram

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