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Luke Iannini (pd) lukexipd at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 18:28:08 CET 2007

> > just downloaded last night's autobuild--looks very nice! i understand
> the
> > wish for flexible colours etc, but hc, thanks a lot for the work!
> > there is something however that i don't understand: why is it that
> pd-ext
> > doesn't load all the libs it comes with? the .plist it comes with
> contains
> > 10 entries for loadlib, while in my tweaked prefs file for an earlier
> > version, there are 36.

Hi Robert, I'm not sure what you mean when you say "the .plist it comes
with"; the .plist is inside the Pd-Extended.app file now so it shouldn't
have come with anything that looks like a separate file.  If you still have
a ~/Library/Preferences/org.puredata.pd.plist you should delete it (after
making note of any customizations).  Then Pd will use its embedded file
instead (which I just checked - it contains 39 loadlib lines in my
Pd-0.40.3-extended-20071106 build).

Hm, not knowing my way around OS-X-Pd, but: This sound bad. Isn't it
> possible on OS-X to tweak a preference file once and for all and use
> it with each new Pd version like the ~/.pdrc and ~/.pdsettings files
> are kept on Linux? Or asked in a different way: how do you make a new
> pd-extended use a personal plist?

The .pdrc works great on OS X, exactly as one would hope now with the
embedded prefs: the embedded prefs take care of configuring Pd-Extended and
my .pdrc takes care of adding the things I'm interested in.

Robert, here's an example of .pdrc (just a file called ".pdrc" that lives in
your username directory)

-lib iemmatrix:iemlib:xsample:zexy
-audiobuf 12

You can make the file in TextEdit if you're sure to choose "Make Plain Text"
first, and on 10.5 it lets me save it as ".pdrc" with a warning (since the
file will appear as hidden in the Finder), but I can't remember if that
works in Tiger.  If not, save it as just "pdrc", then open terminal and type
"mv pdrc .pdrc".

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