[PD] debugging techniques/tricks for a non-developer?

Andy Farnell padawan12 at obiwannabe.co.uk
Thu Nov 8 08:14:23 CET 2007

On Wed, 7 Nov 2007 12:42:12 +0100
"Matteo Sisti Sette" <matteosistisette at gmail.com> wrote:

> Indeed, you should ALWAYS be able to at least save the patch and close it.
> In my opinion, PD simulates a virtual machine, and the patch is the code
> executed by the virtual machine. So it's ok that you can write code that
> "virtually" crashes the "virtual" machine and/or makes it "virtually"
> unresponsive. However, the "simulator" itself, which is a "real" application
> running on a "real" machine , should never become unresponsive to user
> actions such as closing or saving the file. If it does, it is in my opinion
> a bug (or a design flaw), no less than if it crashes.
> It is especially important since in this case PD is at the same time the
> interpreter and the editor, so if it hangs you may loose your work.

Isn't this the whole point of pd-watchdog? If not then it should be.

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Use the source

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