[PD] [declare] trouble

Steffen Juul stffn at dibidut.dk
Thu Nov 8 17:45:30 CET 2007

On 08/11/2007, at 14.50, Frank Barknecht wrote:

> Hallo,
> Steffen Juul hat gesagt: // Steffen Juul wrote:
>> This is what i did for testing:
>> Made a folder in extra called test. In that i made an abstraction
>> called testing.pd which was just a wrapper around a [print].
>> Then i made a new test patch which as:
>> [declare -stdpath extra/test]
>> [testing]
> Okay, here's another test you could do to find out where declare tries
> to add the stdpath
> Make a patch with [declare -stdpath funkypathname] or another unique
> name you definitely know doesn't exist, then load it while Pd was
> started with "-verbose". Try to create an unknown object like
> [unknown] and search for "funkypathname" in Pd's error output.

Verbose. Clever, Frank!

Now i also got the awnser to the other question. It will look for  
[fiddle~] in a fiddle~ folder in extra - or any other folder in the  
path. I had no idea.
That basically mean that if an objectclass live in a folder baring  
the same name as the objectclass the it will be found. Fx having
will mean that a [grid] object will be fund and created _without_  
specifying it in the search-path settings...

> Btw.: When doing this on Linux with a testpatch in "/tmp/funkytest.pd"
> my Pd searches for [unknown] give only /tmp/funkypathname/ as possible
> results with the funky pathname,

Here, on OS X, it looks for funkypathname in ${HOME}/Desktop. There  
is no search in /tmp.

> which is wrong: according to the
> docs, -stdpath should search relative to the Pd binary, not relative
> to the path, which is what [declare -path  ...] should do.

On OS X, when Pd is installed as a .app application, the binary isn't  
located such that extra is one step up in the folder tree. So as such  
the example and the definition of the behavior in the help file  

> Looks like another [declare]-bug. (Maybe already reported?)

Don't know if Roman already did. Searching for 'declare' in the  
tracker only shows up your report.

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