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Timothy Sikes trs164 at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 10 06:23:19 CET 2007

Hello again
First of all, I want to thank everyone for the tremendous help you guys gave me to start PD a day or two ago.  I think parts of PD have finally started to sink in.  Whoever told me not to think of PD so procedurally, or orderly, really helped.  Right now,  I am getting the benefits of my labor by listening to a loop that goes from midi sound 50 -100 then loops again... and again.....  Alright,  now for the stuff I don't get!  So, my next project I would like to tackle to better understand PD is to have it play a simple midi C scale.  Some of the things that I want to understand better is the 'select' object, and what happens when an outlet is connected to it, how to use the equality (>, <=) symbols accurately, and how they work in PD.  I have already looked at the examples that came with it,  and they just confused me:  When I took them out at started it over,  it seemed to work just fine.  This is the 'more counting' one,  and when I remove the >= 0 boxes, it still works, plus they're not really explained at all.Thanks again!
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