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Daniel Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 15:36:59 CET 2007

I would suggest you check out Composing Interactive
Todd Winkler which
covers using MAX to do lots of fun stuff with midi.  Naturally, you can
implement most of
the examples in PD.  I bought this book and went through the whole thing,
making the
example patches as I went.

If you want more of the technical bones behind this stuff, I'd also
recommend Machine
by Karl Rowe.  Although it is getting a bit dated (includes a cdrom with MAX
patches for OS 9 :P),
it really helped me a good grasp on how I could use midi in pd to do what I

Anyway, those are two books that got me going in pd.

Shoot, there is enough experience on this list to write better books then
these focusing on pd!

>Timothy Sikes hat gesagt: // Timothy Sikes wrote:

> First of all, I want to thank everyone for the tremendous help you
> guys gave me to start PD a day or two ago.  I think parts of PD have
> finally started to sink in.  Whoever told me not to think of PD so
> procedurally, or orderly, really helped.  Right now,  I am getting
> the benefits of my labor by listening to a loop that goes from midi
> sound 50 -100 then loops again... and again.....  Alright,  now for
> the stuff I don't get!  So, my next project I would like to tackle
> to better understand PD is to have it play a simple midi C scale.

> Some of the things that I want to understand better is the 'select'
> object, and what happens when an outlet is connected to it, how to
> use the equality (>, <=) symbols accurately, and how they work in
> PD.  I have already looked at the examples that came with it,  and
> they just confused me:  When I took them out at started it over,  it
> seemed to work just fine.  This is the 'more counting' one,  and
> when I remove the >= 0 boxes, it still works, plus they're not
> really explained at all.Thanks again!

Dan Wilcox
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