[PD] Midi noteout: changing the instrument

Timothy Sikes trs164 at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 11 00:06:07 CET 2007

Hi once again.    
I would  first like to say that PD is really fun, and I enjoy learning it.  I think to make the most out of PD for me is to learn it's midi uses.  I'm hoping to get a midi keyboard sometime, and I'm sure I'll have loads of fun with it...   Back to my question.  Through some advice from some members of this mailing list (have I said thank you? haha) I've learned some different things, and I've gotten to midi.  I would like to get into it a bit more in-depth now.   Basically, what I know is that the [makenote (velocity) (pitch] and [noteout (velocity) (pitch) (channel)] does.   What I'm trying to figure out now is how to change the instrument.  I tried for the longest time to figure it out myself through the tutorials you all have suggested, but I can't find anything!  So as a last resort, I'll ask you all how to change the midi instrument.  I've read the introduction of midi sent, and it was very helpful. Oh, and what is the proper way to reply to a message if you have the daily digest version?
Thanks once again.
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