[PD] [Gem]: basic questions

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Sun Nov 11 21:19:32 CET 2007

hi all

the ongoing thread about using gpu to process audio made me realize,
that there are some basic concepts in gem, that i still don't

what is single buffer mode? what is double buffer mode? how are both
used? which is the default mode, that assumingly almost everyone uses,
when doing 'common' gem patches? 

is it possible somehow to render a frame on arbitrary times? the way i
used to use gem yet was that i told [gemwin] with wich framerate to
render. is there a mode or a way, where i can tell gem 'render now' and
then i get an updated screen, that persists until i do again 'render

are these questions somehow related to each other?


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